The Festival is an annual fun filled educational event that celebrates the tantalizing taste
of melons and; peppers from sweet to 'ouch' hot all ripened here in the North.

Admission, parking, competitions, and all the events are free!

  The melons are fantastic this summer. They love the heat and sunshine so they are extra
sweet and tasty. It has also been a fantistic summer for peppers, sweet to scorching hot! We'll have 149 varieties of melons, grown on our Farm, fully ripe by Labour Day!

Owners Cindy and Andy Terauds are growing 149 varieties, of the 21 types of melons (over 300 varieties of melons have been grown over the years). Only the best tasting varieties continue to be grown at Acorn Creek.

Many of the melons at Acorn Creek are not available at grocery stores because the rind is too thin to allow for the bumps of shipping. At the Farm all the varieties are sweeter and tastier because melons are picked fully ripe. This guarantees maximum flavour and the highest possible sugar content.

  Free samples of most of the 21 types of melons, such as Crenshaw, Canary, Charentais, Golden Crispy, Butterscotch, Hami, Oriental, Tropical, Ananas, all colours and types of watermelon ... the list goes on. Each one is different in texture and taste.

So that these differences can be really appreciated there's a free tasting table where everyone is invited to try before you buy ... or simply try!

  We are also growing 170 varieties of peppers from the sweet to the scorching hot!
If you like it hot, we have grown 7 hottest in the world!

Samples of several sweet, hot and the hottest types will be at the sampling table. A total of 170 varieties of peppers are growing in the fields and greenhouse. The three main groupings of sweet, hot and chili come in an array of colours from white to black, chocolate, red, yellow, orange, lilac, purple, and of course green.

  A full day of activities for all ages, including:

Demonstrations by local chefs and experts on how to use melons and peppers in interesting and useful ways. Local sources for the ingredients are used wherever possible. Here is your opportunity to see first hand how to improve on and extend the melon season.

Guided tours of the melon and pepper patches; This is an opportunity to see how the melons or peppers are grown, what the characteristics of the different types are and how to know when they are ripe.

Wagon rides through the vegetable fields; Free wagon rides taking people to the fields to pick their own vegetables will run all day. Baskets and bushels to pick into will be available at the departure area.

Watermelon eating and seed spitting contests with prizes. The watermelon eating and seed spitting is open to everyone in 2 categories - under 13 and 13 plus. We have great prizes from Karters Corners go-carts and Stan's Put Put Land mini-golf and driving range. We thank them for their support.

  Local artisans and vendors will be on site to provide; food, baking, preserved meats, hot sauces, preserves and crafts. Several select vendors will be selling unique local crafts, products and great ethnic foods. These vendors have been carefully chosen for the quality and uniqueness of their products. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  Our Farm Market will be open as well for seasonal fruit and vegetables, many of the 60 types of vegetables grown at Acorn Creek. The Farm Market also has preserves and honey.

Labour Day, Monday, September 5 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

MelonFest and Pepper Pow. Wow! take place on the grounds of Acorn Creek Garden Farm near Carp, Ontario.

Directions: Take the 417 to Carp Rd. (Exit 144), go north to Richardson Side Rd., turn right, then take the first left to 928 Oak Creek Rd. Or follow the signs to Acorn Creek Garden Farm.

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For information, call the Veggie Hot Line at (613) 836-2613.

To be announced soon

To be announced soon